If you are seeking for maintenance or installation of a security camera. CCTV camera system, or a digital video recorder, then do not hesitate to contact us. As Team we are your destination for installing the video surveillance and security camera equipment. Whenever you think of securing your residence or business premises. The use of security cameras can be one of the effective ways of achieving that. You can decide on either of the two. Modern IP or the Analog CCTV cameras. If you want to upgrade or install a video surveillance system for your villa or company. It is crucial to understand how various surveillance systems function to make an informed decision.

Analog CCTV camera system involves a fixed information relay connection between monitors and cameras through cables and wires. Similarly, the DVR is connected to the analog cameras for live monitoring and recording. In the most recent developments, DVR entails a network connection which enhances live streaming of the video by the device. This is then observed on a remotely connected computer through mobile devices or management programs. We at V-IT Solutions fix analog camera issues.

This is a digital camera that is designed for surveillance. Enabling monitoring of activities in a particular premise through the internet. It involves connection of the IP cameras to the Ethernet or the wireless network. Although, monitoring several cameras through the internet is possible. IP camera systems are the new trends in video surveillance. Moreover, it may seem expensive at the start, but it offers superior quality and flexibility that will suit your needs.

It provides an opportunity for future updates. Similarly, because the old systems will become obsolete in the future. We take up maintenance works of all type of CCTV system in Dubai. For any inquiry related to security camera projects in any emirates of the UAE,  just send us an email. We provide award – winning maintenance and support for all CCTV security products. And brands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. We also install a variety of CCTV products, DVRs and Wireless Cameras. It also contains IP Cameras, and wired CCTV Cameras. For more information contact us or visit our website.

  1. It’s can detect internal fraud and theft.
  2. It’s discouraging claims of false accidents and workplace violence.
  3. It offers evidence for particular events.
  4. It offers protection to the employees, customers, and clients by enhancing a safer workplace.
  5. Enhance the viewing of recorded video or live events.
  6. Saves resources such as money, time and energy through intelligent video search techniques.
  7. Monitoring your children at home.

Basically, CCTV is a technology for surveillance in which various security cameras serve. The primary purpose of capturing all movements in the premises. When you have chosen to implement particular security systems. You need to have an appropriate plan that indicates the essence of the system. Conversely, the benefits that will accrue to the firm or home, among other considerations. Therefore, you will contact the skilled provider of these services to install the CCTV system in your home or work – place.

We offer Free Site Survey in the UAE. Whereas, we do turn around as quick as possible. Whether or not it is a home, small office, ware – house, large factories, restaurants, or any other institutions. Whereas, we deliver top-notch security camera installation and repairing works in UAE. Conversely, please get in touch with us for any sort of CCTV maintenance & support.

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