picture not foundCCTV camera is an important tool in the surveillance system. The implementation of video surveillance has discouraged and improved the security in a greater way.

Over many years of experience helping many businesses in Dubai, UAE to improve the security and surveillance has allowed CCTV DUBAI to develop a strategy for where to place your surveillance cameras. As per your requirements we fix CCTV cameras at the strategic positions which helps you to have a precise record of where and what is happening inside and outside the business. Hence the Strategic positioning of the Camera is important.

We help you to choose the best strategic location of your premises to fix the cameras and it can include the restricted areas of your building, outdoor locations, entry and exit points, office rooms and much more. The types of CCTV cameras we deal includes the IP camera, Analog Camera and HDCVI camera. Using what we understand from the review and consultation we will suggest the ideal camera for your requirement.