The rise of illegitimate activities has prompted the business establishments, residences and the likes, to pitch on security systems in and out of their premises. Of course, the security requirements depend on the nature of the purpose you are going to deploy. CCTV DVR/NVR serve the purpose in a far-reaching way and protect you and your business in all manner.

Unlike security professionals, CCTV surveillance cameras allow you to have a wider coverage on sensitive areas and activities. It comes in varied modes like recording with sound, recording only and so on. The recent changes in the systems have reflected in the way it records the video as well. Different is the recording systems for the varied types of Cameras (IP camera and the analog camera).

A central video recorder is required in the CCTV system to record and transmit the videos they are capturing. CCTV DVR/NVR, the NVR’s (Network Video recorder) and DVR’s (Digital Video recorder) are the recorders used along with the CCTV system to manage, store and view the videos for IP cameras and Analog cameras respectively.

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CCTV DVR DUBAI– Digital Video recorder 

CCTV DVR is used to record the Analog cameras. It records the video in a digital format to a storage device. The videos can be watched as many times can be removed later thus saving more space. It permits you to search the videos by time or date. The remote access is possible by connecting the system to the internet. The Videos captured by the HDCVI cameras are recorded in DVRs. In a word, DVR records data from the Analog camera and HDCVI camera as well.


CCTV NVR DUBAI– Network Video Recorder

CCTV NVR is used to record the IP camera. Unlike the DVR, Network video recorders are part of the IP networks and it must be programmed with an IP address. Since it is positioned in a network you can access the NVR remotely to view and manage the videos. It gives you the flexibility of recording and remote access to live streams at the same time from the IP cameras.


CCTV Dubai presents you with the best of recording with the trusted CCTV DVR/NVR.

CCTV Dubai is specialized in delivering and installing the wide range of CCTV DVR/NVR along with the respective CCTV systems to clients across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman.

We have utilized our expertise in designing and deploying recording systems in the verticals of the health care industry, corporates, hospitality industry, IT sectors and so on. Our expert delivery and understanding of the importance of CCTV recordings in a system has made us the best CCTV providers in Dubai.

We ensure you get the following factors while deploying the video systems

  • Quality of the image
  • Alarm handling
  • Well Integration of security control, alarms, intercoms
  • Ensure remote viewing capabilities
  • Check for the playback capability
  • Intelligent motion detection