Energy CCTV provides every type of cable that you will need for a professional security camera system installation. Please choose from the below cable categories to jump to the page that you need or browse this page for all cables that we offer. All of our cables are professional grade and easy to use for installation.
Runs both video and power in one cable Video run in RG59 Coax cable, Power run through 18 gauge pair, Solid Copper Core, 95% Copper Braided Shielding, Cable can be cut to exact length Works with twist-on, crimp-on, and compression BNC connectors, Can be run up to 1000ft without amplification, Heavily shielded to minimize interference Available in Black or White
PT-3B 2.1mm DC Power Plug to 2 Pin Screw Terminal Adapter / Converter, PT-3B DC power plug provide:, Female DC plug to positive / negative pair screw terminals, Converts 2.1mm DC Camera input to accept 18/2 power cable, Easy to use screw terminals

BNC Cable with Power | Pre-made CCTV Security Camera Cables

Energy CCTV Camera offers various lengths of pre-made BNC cables with power (Siamese coax cables). Also knows as plug and play security camera cables, these cables from CCTV Camera Pros provide and easy to use CCTV cabling solution for home, business, and government surveillance use. We guarantee to provide the highest quality plug n play Siamese CCTV cable on the market.
These cables allow you to run both video and power on one cable run. Each cable has a male BNC connector on each end to connect to your security camera to your DVR. The power side of the cable can connect your surveillance camera’s power lead to an individual power supply or to a power supply box with the use of a PT-3 power cable lead. Click here see images and instructions on how to connect pre-made cables to cameras, DVRs, and power supplies. You can also watch a video of how to use premade CCTV cables.